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Page history last edited by Yael Mandelstam 10 years, 8 months ago


  Vendor-Supplied Records Advisory Working Group

The Making of Modern Law (MOML) 


General Information 

Name of Vendor 



Contact Information 

The records can be ordered from Gale/Cengage at 1-800-877-4253 (Option 4). 



MARC records for the titles in Gale's database, Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises, 1800-1926.   


Records Availability 

Records are available for all titles in the Legal Treatises, 1800-1926 collection. 


Test Records Availability

[add your text here] 


Methodology for Creation of Records 

According to Tim Savage of WorldCat Cataloging Partners, OCLC, "records were derived using automated processes from the records in WorldCat for the microform version of the titles." 



[add your text here]  



Review Status

The records have been reviewed by members of the task group. 


Authority Control 

According to Tim Savage, name and subject headings "were retained as found in the source records." No further authority control was done, and some obsolete headings are still in these records. One example of this is the heading "[Jurisdiction] -- Constitutional law" (occurs 304 times) and "[Jurisdiction] -- Constitutional history" (occurs 229 times). Both headings were correct at one time but are now obsolete.


UPDATE (1/15/2009) -- Gale/Cengage contracted with Library Technologies, Inc. to do authority work on the MOML file. This work has been completed. Libraries that purchased the original set of MARC records for MOML can get the revised set of records by contacting Karen Stec at Gale-Cengage Learning. Her email is Karen.Stec@cengage.com. 


Fixed Fields 

The coding of the 006 field for computer file has one incorrect value. Type of file is coded as j (online system or service). It should be coded as d (document).


All other fixed field coding appears to be correct.  


UPDATE (1/15/2009) -- The coding of Type of file has been fixed, with updated records coded as d (document). 


Variable-Length Fields 

The variable fields all correctly describe the original publication, with reproduction information in a 533 field. All records contains $h [electronic resource] in the 245 field.


Most, if not all, of the records contain a 776 linking field, with the OCLC number for the microform record. Some records also contain a 776 field for the original publication.


All records include an 856 field, with a URL that takes the user to an item description page in the MOML database. From that page, the user can go directly to the resource.


The coding of the second indicator in the 856 field could be improved. The records contain a blank in the second indictor position, which indicates "no information provided." The records would be more accurate with a second indicator of 0, which indicates "Resource." [comment added on 9/3/2008]


There is no series field included for the statement Making of modern law. Some libraries have revised their MOML records by adding a subfield |f to the 533 field with the text (Making of modern law), then adding a 830 field with Making of modern law. This can be done with a MARC editing software such as MarcEdit. See example:


533      |a Electronic reproduction. |b Farmington Hills, Mich. : |c Thomson Gale, |d 2004. |f (Making of modern law) |n Available via the World Wide Web. |n Access limited by licensing agreements.     |7 s2004    miunns

830   0  |a Making of modern law

[comment added on 10/28/2008] 


NOTE: The original set of MOML records contained incorrect OCLC numbers. The OCLC numbers were for the microform reproductions, not the electronic reproductions. Gale has corrected the problem, and the records now contain the correct OCLC numbers. For libraries that had previously purchased the MOML records with the incorrect OCLC numbers, a revised set of records can be obtained from Gale using the contact information listed above. 


Subject Headings/Classification  

Records contain LC subject headings. The file of MOML records was sent to Library Technologies, Inc. for authority control work in 2008 and most headings have been updated.  



[add your text here] 


Additional Comments 

[arj 6/27/2008] The Vendor Records Task Force has communicated with Gale several times during 2008 regarding the MOML records. We are very pleased that they have corrected the OCLC number problem and that they have agreed to send the MOML records to an authority vendor for cleanup. We hope to continue working with Gale on this.


[arj 1/15/2009] The Vendor Records Task Force is very pleased that Gale has now completed authority work on the MOML file. See updated information under Authority Control section for more details.


ym: 3/10/09: If you want to keep the original file you received from Gale, you may want to use a Java script that inserts 035 fields with the current OCLC numbers into your original MOML records. 


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