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  Vendor-Supplied Records Advisory Working Group



General Information 

Name of Vendor



Contact Information

Order from the appropriate OCLC regional service provider, or by contacting OCLC Library Services at 1-800-848-5878, ext. 6251 or 1-614-764-6251. You may also complete the online order form, or order by mail or fax.



MARC records for electronic titles available from Law Library Microform Consortium (LLMC).


Records Availability

1,744 records are available as of March 16, 2009.  More records are being added periodically.


Test Records Availability

OCLC's information on each record set includes OCLC numbers of sample records, which can be obtained from OCLC WorldCat Collection Sets webpage.


Methodology for Creation of Records

Created by catalogers at the Saint Louis University - Law Library (SLU). When possible, records are derived from a copy in OCLC. If unavailable or, in the case of the "composite title approach", records are created from scratch.



Some customization available for all WorldCat Collection Sets.



Review Status

Records have been reviewed (as of March 16, 2009).


Authority Control

In all cases, authority records (name, series, subject) are created when they don't exist; verified if they do exist.


Fixed Fields

Most records have 006 and 007 fields with the following information:

006 m\\\\\\\\d\\\\\\\\

Type=m (computer file) 

Type of file=d (document)


Gov. publications have an additional "f" (Federal) or "s" (State):

006 m\\\\\\\\d\f\\\\\\

006 m\\\\\\\\d\s\\\\\\ 


007 cr\bn

Category of material=c (electronic resource) 

Specific material designation=r (remote)

Color=b (black and white)

Dimensions=n (not applicable)


Many records have more detailed technical information in the 007 fields including image bit depth, level of compression, reformatting quality, etc. e.g.: 

007  cr\bn|300auaba


Variable-Length Fields

Records include all required fields.

The GMD [electronic resource] is included on all records.

About 85% of the records include 776 linking field for the original print version record.

All records include field 037 with the LLMC control number.


Monographsrecords were cataloged as reproductions. Field 260 contains the original print publisher, and field 533 indicates that the record was for an electronic reproduction done by LLMC-Digital.

Records include 830 LLMC-digital (Series)


Serials: records were cataloged according to the CONSER aggregator-neutral model. Field 260 contains the original publisher and no vendor-specific information is included in the record except for the URL in the 856 field. 533 and the 830 LLMC series fields are not included in the serial records. In accordance with CONSER practice, when an electronic version of the same title exists in OCLC, an 856 link for LLMC-Digital is added to the existing records instead of creating a new record.


Due to software and display issues, LLMC uses a single record that includes all title changes instead of the more traditional successive entries approach. Here is a quote from the LLMC-Digital Newsletter, issue 12 (Feb. 16, 2005):


We have, therefore, devised a new solution that, while perhaps causing purists to cringe, will provide  retrievability both locally and on the site for these problem titles. We will continue to use a single LLMC control number for an entire title, continuing the practice of the fiche era. The entire run will be cataloged on a single bibliographic record. The title for this record will be taken from a ‘composite title page’ created by the cataloging agent (i.e., Saint Louis Univ. Law Lib.). This Composite Title page will be digitized and mounted as the first image for that title on the LLMC-Digital site.  It will contain all of the information concerning the title history from Volume One on. The bibliographic record will reflect this history by using searchable fields for both earlier titles and related issuing bodies. I have negotiated this approach with the OCLC quality control gurus. In light of the situation as explained, they agree that this is the only reasonable approach open to us.


Subject Headings/Classification 

All records have valid LC subject headings. If LC classification numbers are readily available, they are included in the records; otherwise not. More research goes into finding the appropriate SuDoc numbers for government publications.   



If your library received records from the WorldCat Collection Sets prior to September 2008, most likely you have the old URLs.  The old URLs http://name.umdl.edu/ and http://hdl.handle.net/2027/lmc.

changed to http://www.llmcdigital.org/default.asapx?rredir=.  Please refer to the LLMC-Digital Newsletter, issue 32 (Sept. 29, 2008) and the LLMC-Digital Newsletter, issue 33 (Jan. 20, 2009) for more details.


Additional Comments 

The LLMC-Digital Newsletter occasionally has a section on "Ongoing cataloging housekeeping".  Catalogers need to keep an eye out for this section to make changes to the cataloging records.


According to the LLMC-Digital Newsletter, issue 33 (Jan. 20, 2009), "this and future issues of the LLMC-Digital Newsletter will be issued solely in digital format and distributed solely online."  Anyone who wishes to receive the future newsletter should send a message to llmc@llmc.com, with "newsletter distribution" in the subject line.






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