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HeinOnline Legal Classics

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  Vendor-Supplied Records Advisory Working Group

HeinOnline Legal Classics 


General Information 

Name of Vendor 

HeinOnline Cataloging Aid, maintained by the Washburn University School of Law Library.


Contact Information 

Martin Wisneski: martin.wisneski@washburn.edu (785-670-1788)

Daniel Rosati: d_rosati@hein.com (800-828-7571)



MARC records for titles in the HeinOnline Legal Classics Library.


Records Availability

Records are available at no charge from the Legal Classics section of the HeinOnline Cataloging Aid. 1,393 records are available as of March 16, 2009. More records are added as titles are added to the Legal Classics library.


All MARC records available for download are OCLC records. Each MARC record file has a corresponding file of OCLC number search keys for libraries who wish to add their holdings to OCLC via Connexion.


The MARC records are distributed in accordance with the Guidelines for Use and Transfer of OCLC-Derived Records and the Guidelines for Contributions to WorldCat (for OCLC members). For more information, see  the HeinOnline Cataloging Aid's Downloads and Terms of Use.


Test Records Availability

A sample file of three MARC records is available, for testing loads into a library's local system.


Methodology for Creation of Records

Records are created by staff at the Washburn University School of Law Library and are derived from the print records.



The records are available "as is." Libraries may wish to make their own customizations using MarcEdit or similar MARC editing software.



Review Status

Review is in progress (March 16, 2009).


Authority Control

All records up to file 2009-2 were examined. All had valid Library of Congress subject headings and valid name headings. Authority control is performed by the cataloger after descriptive cataloging is completed.


Fixed Fields

All records contain 006 and 007 fields and all are correctly coded.

006 m|||||||d

Type=m (computer file)

Type of file=d (document)


007 cr|bn

Category of material=c (electronic resource)

Specific material designation=r (remote)

Color=b (black and white)

Dimensions=n (not applicable)


All records contain the 008 field. In records examined all fields were correct. All 008 fields are correctly coded in the Form of item position as s (electronic).


Variable-Length Fields

Records contain all required fields. 


The GMD [electronic resource] was included on all records, although a few records contained typographical errors in the GMD statement. Note: In response to an email to Martin Wisneski, records with a typo in the GMD field will be correct as part of the March monthly Legal Classics MARC record release. (3/17/2009)


As of October 5, 2009 all records available through the HeinOnline Cataloging Aid web site, including the HeinOnline Legal Classics, have been converted to the provider-neutral model.  Many variable fields that were included in previous record distributions have been changed or deleted. The following fields or subfields have been removed in most cases: 533, 539, 830 fields with specific HeinOnline series statements, and 856 subfield z (public note text). Other fields were added, including 500 (with description based on note) and enhanced 776 field. See HeinOnline Cataloging Aid Legal Classics Library Provider-Neutral MARC records for further information.


The notes on variable fields below only refer to records already loaded in local systems prior to the implementation of the provider-neutral model:


Records were cataloged as reproductions of the print version. Field 260 contains the original print publisher, and field 533 indicates that the record was for an electronic reproduction done by Hein. All records have 776 linking field for the original print version record. 


Each record contains two 830 fields, as follows:

830  |0  Legal classics library (Buffalo, N.Y.)

830  |0  Heinonline.org


Note: Then second series is not a valid series, and many libraries opt to delete it.


Subject Headings/Classification 

All records have valid LC subject headings.  Almost all records contain a complete Library of Congress call number in field 090.



[add your text here] 


Additional Comments 

The HeinOnline Cataloging Aid is an excellent source for high-quality (and free!) MARC records for the HeinOnline Legal Classics library. Staff at Washburn are very responsive and quickly correct any errors reported to them.


As of October 5, 2009, all records on the HeinOnline Cataloging Aid have been converted to the provider-neutral model. See HeinOnline Cataloging Aid Legal Classics Library Provider-Neutral MARC Records for more information.


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