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HeinOnine World Trials

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  Vendor-Supplied Records Advisory Working Group

HeinOnline World Trials


General Information 

Name of Vendor

Cassidy cataloguing  


Contact Information

Cassidy Cataloguing Services, Inc. 

248 West Main St., Suite 2

Rockaway, NJ 07866


Ph: (973) 586-3200

Fx: (973) 586-3201 


Email: info@cassidycat.com 



The following information appears on the Cassidy website (viewed 6/3/08):


Cassidy Cataloguing Services, Inc. has been creating original MARC21 catalog records for HeinOnline's World Trials Library since late 2007.


The portion of the World Trials Library that is being digitized and cataloged has been designated "Phase I" and will total roughly 1,900 titles. Phase I is expected to be completed at the end of 2008. At that time, Cassidy Cataloguing will be uploading the catalog records into OCLC. Subscribing libraries have been given the option to have Cassidy add their 4-letter holding code to the records at the time of upload for a very small fee.


OCLC will not be selling the World Trials Library records as a "record set" as Cassidy Cataloguing Services, Inc. will retain exclusive rights to do so. This will be the arangement for future OCLC uploads as well. 


Records Availability

Cassidy distributes about 100 records per month and expects to complete the creation of records for Phase I by the end of 2008. 


Test Records Availability

Available upon request. 


Methodology for Creation of Records

Donna Rosinski graciously shared with us Cassidy's thorough process: "When we start a project at Cassidy, Joni and the catalogers build records from scratch to make sure that we cover all bases. When we start a project after developing the initial template, if we have records for direct equivalents in other formats, we do use those records as guides for the new records, but we are careful to follow our template for the new format/project. After the records are created, they are proofed by a cataloger other than the one who initially created the record to help catch any proofing errors that the original cataloger may have missed."  


Update from J.L. Cassidy, 2/22/10:  "For the World Trials, Phase I, we had permission to view Cornell's print records and used them as a basis for the new electronic resources records. For the World Trials, Phase II, we had permission to view Jenkins Law Library's print records and used them in the same way." 



Customization available, some for no additional charge.  



Review Status

 A file of 1418 records was reviewed.   2 serial records and 1416 monograph records were included. 


Authority Control

Authority processing has not yet been done. 


Fixed Fields 

Fixed fields appear to be coded correctly for electronic books. 

Sample 008 coding: 080202s2008\\\\nyu\\\\\s\\\\\000\0deng\d 


Variable-Length Fields

006 fields is coded as follows for all records:  006  m\\\\f\\\d\\\\\\\\

All values seem to be correct.


007 is coded as follows for all records:  007  cr\bn\nnnauauu

All values seem to be correct.


260 field: the information in this field is that of the digitizer, with the information about the priint in a 500 note. Example:


260 [Buffalo, NY] :|bWilliam S. Hein & Co.,|c[2008]

500 Print version published: New York : Dewitt & Davenport, [1852?]


Comment: This approach is not incorrect but is a departure from the more common practice of including the name of the original print publisher and original date of publication in the 260 field, with information about the electronic reproduction in the 533 field. Cassidy's approach may make it more difficult for us in the future to match all the duplicate e-monographs and merge them into single provider-neutral records. ym 


553 records contained 010 fields for the print version.  The LCCN was coded in a subfield z.  The 776 field was not used.   This was reported to Cassidy.  They are investigating.

Some "print version" notes contained subfield coding.  this was also reported to Cassidy for correction.


The GMD [electronic resource] was included on all records.


In the file, all records have =490  1\$aHeinOnline world trials

with an  =830  \0$aWorld trials library (Buffalo, N.Y.)  I assume these could be profiled out.

All records have a =500  \\$aTitle from PDF title page, viewed note, and a =500  \\$aPrint version published note.

All records also have =506  \\$aFull text available with subscription to HeinOnline World Trials Library.

This text can be changed using MARCedit or probably as a profile change if preferred.


As with most, or all Cassidy records, a =655  \0$aElectronic books.

is also included in each record. 


Subject Headings/Classification 

LC Call numbers are included tagged as 050  \4.    

All records contain LC subject headings. 



[add your text here]


Additional Comments 

1/22/2010: The records for World Trials Phase I and Phase II have now been added to OCLC. Cassidy is working with OCLC to ensure that holdings are added for libraries subscribing to these record sets.







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