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  Vendor-Supplied Records Advisory Working Group



See also BPwiki FAQ.  


The following is an FAQ specific to this task group and TS-SIS members: 



FAQ for Task Group Members


How can I add content to pages? 


To add content, select Edit Page and find the appropriate place for your text. When you are done, click on the Save button.


Should I use the "Add comment" function? 


We ask contributers not to use the "Add comment" function. Instead, please add the information under the appropriate section using Edit Page


How can I create a new page?  


Click on Create a page on the right panel, name your page, and add your content. If you want your page to be formatted like other pages on this wiki, click on Create a page, click on more options and select either Template (basic) or Template (record set). The former has our logo, and the latter has, in addition to our logo, all the headings required for a record set page. 


How will I know if content was added or pages were revised? 


You can always check the Recent Changes page. You may also subscribe to an RSS feed If you want to be notified when pages are edited, please check the Notify me of changes next time you log in.


I want to discuss a general issue that does not relate to one record set. Is there a place for general discussion?


Yes, there is. Feel free to post any general comments, questions, etc. on the General Discussion page.  



FAQ for Non-members


Can I make comments even though I am not a member of the task group?


Yes, you can, though you'll need to log in first. If you don't have a BPworks account, you can set one up by clicking on Creating an account on the upper right corner of the screen. You may also send comments to Angela Jones or Yael Mandelstam


Can I be notified of changes? 


You can subscribe to an RSS feed by clicking on the RSS feed link at the bottom of each screen.



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