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  Vendor-Supplied Records Advisory Working Group



General Information 

Name of Vendor 



Contact Information 

Order from the appropriate OCLC regional service provider or by contacting OCLC Library Services at 1-800-848-5878, ext. 6251. The record set can also be ordered online or by mail or fax. See OCLC's WorldCat Collection Sets Ordering page for more information. 



MARC records for lessons available to Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) subscribers. 


Records Availability 

717 records are available as of March 6, 2008.  More records are being added periodically. 


Test Records Availability 

OCLC's information on each record set includes OCLC numbers of sample records, which can be viewed in WorldCat. 


Methodology for Creation of Records 

Created by catalogers at the Washington College of Law (WCL). 



Some customization available for all WorldCat Collection Sets.  



Review Status

All records have been reviewed (as of March 6, 2008).  


Authority Control 

All headings were examined.  Nearly all had either valid headings, or, if no authority record was established for that person, at least the form of heading used was consistent with other records found on OCLC.  There are a very few headings that need minor corrections, and the inputting library has promised to correct those.  Each record also includes a corporate body heading for "Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction."  Overall, these records have very good authority control. 


Fixed Fields 

Note on the 006 field: the majority of the records have the following sequence:

006 m f i 


Type=m (computer file)

Audience=f (specialized)

File=i (interactive multimedia)


All three fixed fields are coded the same way in the 008 field, so the 006 field is probably redundant.


17 records found for audio podcasts have the following sequence: 006 jzznnfs. This may be an error, since type "j" is for Musical sound recording. 


Variable-Length Fields 

Records include all required fields.


The 043 geographic area code is inconsistently included.  In about one-third of the set of sample records looked at,

the records warranted the inclusion of 043 n-us---, but did not have it.  Two-thirds of the records had the correct 043, or, correctly had none.

Note: Keep in mind that 043 field is OPTIONAL.


The GMD [electronic resource] was included on all records. 


The summary notes appear to be taken directly from the CALI web site.  There were appropriate notes fields for access restrictions, approximate time needed to complete each lesson, an audience note, and notes referring to the CD-ROM version of the lessons.  In a sampling of records, the links were tested and all linked to the appropriate CALI lesson. 


Subject Headings/Classification   

All records have valid LC Subject Headings.  A few invalid subdivisions were found and will be corrected by the inputting library.  Each record also contained a valid Library of Congress classification number and main entry cutter, followed by the word "Electronic".  While this form is not standard LCC, it will prove useful for libraries using Library of Congress classification numbers for electronic resources. 



The OCLC order site notes:


"100% subject analysis using LC subject headings"


"100% of the cataloging is level I" 


Additional Comments 

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