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Page history last edited by Yael Mandelstam 9 years, 7 months ago


  Vendor-Supplied Records Advisory Working Group



General Information 

Name of Vendor 

BNA (Bureau of National Affairs)


Contact Information 

Matthew Newton (BNA Cataloger), 703-341-3308

Email: MNewton@bna.com



Records were created for the following electronic resources: BNA Premier Package, Core Package, Core PLUS Package, and Core PLUS with Tax Management Package. 


Records Availability 

Records are available for free from the BNA website. New and revised records are added quarterly. Records are also available individually on OCLC. There are 659 records on the BNA All file as of March 6, 2008.    


Test Records Availability 

Since the records are free, test records can be loaded at will. 


Methodology for Creation of Records 

Records are derived from the OCLC records for the print versions. When no print records available, new records for the electronic versions are created from scratch. 






Review Status 

All records have been reviewed (as of March 6, 2008). 


Authority Control 

All headings are controlled on OCLC at point of cataloging.  


Fixed Fields 

All seem correct. All records have 006 and 007 fields for the electronic format.  


Variable-Length Fields 

Records include all required fields.


The 043 geographic area code is inconsistently included. Many of the records examined warranted the inclusion of 043 n-us---, but were missing that field. 


Most records have a 530 note for the print version, but only 12% have a corresponding 776 field.


Note: Keep in mind that both 043 and 776 fields are OPTIONAL.


UPDATE 6/10/08: In response to our feedback, LeChi Gallagher has been adding 043 and 776 fields to all appropriate records. 


UPDATE 7/19/2010: New and updated records now use 776 (with 08 indicators) with display text for serials and integrating resources and no longer  use 530 fields. All BNA records now include 776 fields if there are other formats available.


Subject Headings/Classification  

All records have valid LC Subject Headings. Very few records include LC Classification numbers. 


UPDATE 7/19/2010: All new BNA publications publications with an OCLC records now have an LC classification number. New records examined had (INTERNET) at the end of the call number.



$aHF5616.U5$bA345 no. 5140 (INTERNET)



[add your text here] 


Additional Comments 

 ym (3/6/08): The records are of very good quality. LeChi Gallagher, the wonderful BNA cataloger, has been extremely responsive to comments and suggestions. She updated the website to facilitate easier record loading, and swiftly resolves any cataloging issues that are brought to her attention.  


aj (1/29/2010): LeChi Gallagher has retired from BNA. Jay Kimball is now cataloging the BNA titles. His contact information can be found above.


aj (7/19/2010): Matthew Norton is now the contact person for the BNA records.




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