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Batchload Analysis

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  Vendor-Supplied Records Advisory Working Group


Demystifying Batchload Analysis


Presented at the 2008 AALL meeting in Portland, Oregon


PowerPoint Presentation



Program Handout in PDF



Update to Step 3: Isolating Fields for Analysis -- The Power of Eyeballing 

The process of isolating fields for analysis using MarcEdit and Excel can now be done using MarcEdit only. Starting with MarEdit release 5.2, you can view fields in isolation by using the Find (Ctrl+F) function and entering in the "Find what" box: '=[field]' (e.g. '=865') and clicking on Find All.


The advantage of using MarcEdit over Excel is that the process is faster and, more importantly, you can go directly from the displayed field to the record.


Yael Mandelstam

January 28, 2010

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